Dante's Divine Comedy

Pur I, 19-21


Pur I, 37-40

Cato Of Utica

Pur II, 27-29

The Vessel

Pur II, 37-38

Pur III, 58-60

Pur IV, 40-45

The Ascent

Pur IV, 103-108

The Late Repenters

Pur V, 22-24

The Late Repenters

Pur V, 103-108

Buonconte Da Montefeltro

Pur V, 133-134


Pur VII, 13-15

Sordello And Virgil

Pur VII, 82-84

The Dell

Pur VIII, 106-108

The Serpent

Pur IX, 1-2


Pur IX, 28-30

The Eagle

Pur IX, 79-84

The Portals Of Purgatory

Pur X, 82-84

The Sculptures

Pur XII, 1-2

The Prideful-Oderisi

Pur XII, 43-44


Pur XIII, 58-60

The Envious

Pur XIII, 106-108


Pur XV, 106-108

The Stoning Of Stephen

Pur XVI, 25-27

Marco The Lombard

Pur XVIII, 88-90

The Slothful

Pur XIX, 52-54

Ascent To The Fifth Circle

Pur XIX, 130-132

The Avaricious-Adrian V

Pur XX, 16-18

The Avaricious

Pur XXIII, 49-51

The Gluttons-Forese

Pur XXIV, 4-6

The Gluttons

Pur XXIV, 106-107

The Tree

Pur XXV, 112-114

The Seventh Circle

Pur XXV, 121-123

The Seventh Circle

Pur XXV, 124-126

The Seventh Circle-The Lustful

Pur XXVII, 97-99


Pur XXXIII, 22-24

Terrestrial Paradise

Pur XXIX, 82-84

Apocalyptic Procession

Pur XXIX, 121-126

Charity Hope Faith

Pur XXXI, 100-102

Submersion In Lethe

Pur XXXII, 151-153

The Whore And The Giant

Pur XXXIII, 136-138

The Eunoe