Mat 2:9

The Wise Men Guided By The Star

Mat 2:13

The Flight Into Egypt

Mat 2:16

The Massacre Of The Innocents

Mat 6:28,29

The Sermon On The Mount

Mat 12:22

The Dumb Man Possessed

Mat 13:54,55

Christ In The Synagogue

Mat 14:6,8

Head Of John The Baptist

Mat 14:17,18

Christ Feeding

Mat 15:30

Jesus Healing The Sick

Mat 17:2-3

The Transfiguration

Mat 17:15

Jesus Healing The Lunatic

Mat 21:9

Entry Of Jesus Into Jerusalem

Mat 22:21

Christ And The Tribute Money

Mat 26:39

Jesus Praying In The Garden

Mat 27:29

Christ Mocked

Mat 27:33-34

The Arrival At Calvary

Mat 27:35

The Erection Of The Cross

Mat 28:5,6

The Resurrection