Exo 2:3,4

The Child Moses on the Nile

Exo 2:6

The Finding of Moses

Exo 7:10

Moses and Aaron Appear before Pharaoh

Exo 9:2,3

The Fifth Plague Livestock Disease

Exo 10:22

The Ninth Plague Darkness

Exo 12:29-30

The Firstborn of the Egyptians Are Slain

Exo 12:31

The Egyptians Ask Moses to Depart

Exo 14:27,28

The Egyptians Drown in the Sea

Exo 17:5,6

Moses Strikes the Rock at Horeb

Exo 19:16

The Giving of the Law on Mount Sinai

Exo 32:15,16

Moses Comes Down from Mount Sinai

Exo 32:19

Moses Breaks the Tables of the Law